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The PCIA Research Team has been hard at work, poring over the latest market data so that we can deliver our best insights to you. Take a look at the latest report covering what happened in the month of February 2024. You will find quick facts and in-depth details on what has occurred, what that means for you and what’s ahead in the market and economic environment. Download the newest edition of the Month-in-Review below!

Quick Takes

  • Risk Assets Recover. Bolstered by high consumer sentiment, risk assets rebounded in February. Most asset classes posted strong gains, reversing January’s losses incurred when investor risk tolerance waned.
  • Inflation Cools Further. Inflation, measured by the Fed’s preferred gauge (PCE Deflator), continued its downward trend, falling to 2.8% year-over-year in February from 2.9% in January. Despite this positive development, investors now anticipate the Fed delaying potential rate cuts until June.
  • Greenback Rally Pauses. After nearly two months of gains to start the year, the US dollar (greenback) experienced a buying slowdown in late February. This shift coincides with revised expectations around future Federal Reserve interest rate cuts, which are now anticipated to occur later than initially projected.
  • Personal Spending and Labor Markets. The 0.2% growth in February personal spending, meeting expectations, suggests potentially stable consumer confidence despite the January retail sales decline. Positive signs emerged from the February labor market with reports indicating job growth exceeding expectations and unemployment remaining steady.

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This article is not to be construed as financial advice. It is provided for informational purposes only and it should not be relied upon. It is recommended that you check with your financial advisor, tax professional and legal professionals when making any investment or any change to your retirement plan. Your investments, insurance and savings vehicles should match your risk tolerance and be suitable as well as what’s best for your personal financial situation.

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