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We work with organizations to design retirement plans that support their overarching corporate and human resource objectives. We work with these same organizations to identify the retirement plan vendors – recordkeepers, investment firms, technology providers – that best fit their needs, goals and objectives and we oversee the service providers to assure the clients are getting the value we expect.

As a retirement plan advisor, we think from the perspective of the retirement plan participants. Companies are required to act as fiduciaries when making decisions about their organization’s retirement plans – retirement plan fiduciaries must act in the best interest of the retirement plan participants. For these reasons, we have a 20-year history of providing the highest quality education and investment services to retirement plan participants.

Why do businesses choose to partner with Qualified Plan Advisors?

Our depth of experience in participant education work has equipped us with effective solutions for the participants’ challenges with savings rates, investment strategies, retirement readiness, and broader financial wellness. Many of our competitors prefer not to design client fiduciary meetings centered on intense participant-related discussions because they simply don’t have effective solutions to offer.

What are the most important details a person should know about working with Qualified Plan Advisors?

We care about participants. We want to make HR and benefits professionals’ lives easier. We work in a team structure that provides our clients with a combination of specialists, including investment managers, ERISA attorneys, and participant educators. Retirement plans are at the core of what we do.


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Our advisors are staffed with in-house support teams to ensure their time is focused on you. This provides our consultants the ability to adhere to a customized, personalized experience for clients.

Qualified Plan Advisors

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For individuals, PCLR aims to simplify our clients’ transition into their post-career lives, bridging the gap between the income they’re used to having and the income they create for themselves in retirement. For business owners, we join your mission to help propel your business forward, help retain top talent and help reach those milestones you’ll always look back on. With decades of experience in the advisory world, handling nearly any problem our valued clients bring to us, we’re prepared to create a custom financial plan for you.

Whether you’re looking to enhance your business, create a seamless transition of assets for your beneficiaries or simply retire comfortably, PCLR is with you at every point as your life evolves.

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