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Lori Taylor

Sr Client Service Specialist

Direct: 501.500.1686
Office: 501.823.4637
Fax: 501.823.0941

Lori Taylor joined the Prime Capital Investments Little Rock office team as the Client Experience Professional in May 2021. She has over 21 years of customer service and business management experience with a reputation for dependability, honesty, and trustworthiness. She is focused on maintaining an organized and efficient office environment so that she may provide excellent service and support to the Little Rock clients and team.

Lori graduated from the University of Missouri of St-Louis with a Bachelor of Science. After graduation, she managed a family-owned business and opened her own successful storefront retail business in 2004. She managed both businesses for more than 10 years and successfully sold her retail business in Conway prior to joining First Security Bank Trust & Wealth Management in 2019 as office manager. Lori successfully completed training in estate planning in 2020. It has become her passion to work with clients on the investment side, where she especially enjoys meeting and developing relationships with new clients, helping them through the onboarding process and the continued servicing of their accounts.

Lori lives in Conway, Arkansas and is a proud mom to her two kids Trysta and Nickolas. If she is not at the golf course or the baseball fields supporting Trysta and Nickolas in their favorite sports, she is spending time by the pool, gardening, working out, listening to music, and loves going to the beach.


Helping you reach the Pinnacle of your Mountain, one step at a time.

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Beginning with a team approach, Prime Capital Little Rock uses its entire collection of resources and connections to create a custom financial plan tailored to your objectives. Working with families, business owners and individuals, we pride ourselves in our ability to provide the highest level of service, no matter how complex your needs. Simply by understanding your goals, we’re prepared for any questions you may have when it comes to finance, and we stand next to you, not as coaches, but as teammates to help you design a financial roadmap with your vision as the destination.

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For individuals, PCLR aims to simplify our clients’ transition into their post-career lives, bridging the gap between the income they’re used to having and the income they create for themselves in retirement. For business owners, we join your mission to help propel your business forward, help retain top talent and help reach those milestones you’ll always look back on. With decades of experience in the advisory world, handling nearly any problem our valued clients bring to us, we’re prepared to create a custom financial plan for you.

Whether you’re looking to enhance your business, create a seamless transition of assets for your beneficiaries or simply retire comfortably, PCLR is with you at every point as your life evolves.

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